Wired or Wireless Home Automation?

Personally i prefer wireless home automation because of multiple functions to manage our room but as i read many times online that its not secure like wired home automation. Advantage is also that wireless home automation's cost is a bit lower than wired home automation ..... so if there are advantage then disadvantage also.

So i am creating this topics to know which one is more beneficial and secure for our home?
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Re: Wired or Wireless Home Automation?

What exactly are you guys wiring? I feel like most devices I see these days don't even have an option to be wired to your network.

I genuinely don't see a reason to wire any of your devices. it's not difficult building up a reliable WiFi network in your home, and once you have that strong backbone, you won't have to ever think about connectivity issues.

Conversely, if you don't have a strong, reliable WiFi setup, but you're out there looking to purchase home automation gear (lights, cameras, something else), you're going to severely limit your purchase options due to the fact that most devices don't even have ethernet ports.

Re: Wired or Wireless Home Automation?

nealio_houseio wrote: May 13th, 2020, 1:45 pm I'm just over here imagining hooking up an ethernet to every Phillips Hue in the house :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just a joke, there's no actual ports on the light bulbs, but I can't imagine wiring anything except maybe the hub of a smart device line?
I think some people might still be wiring home security cameras at their place rather than using Nest / Arlo / Wyze, but it sounds like such a pain to wire the house up, maintain those hard drives at the house, keep software to review recordings, etc. I think the fully-managed solutions are easier to maintain and also easier to install (yay wireless)!

Re: Wired or Wireless Home Automation?

Wireless is better considering technology nowadays is leaning towards that direction. Besides that, both options have their pros and cons. For instance, in wireless you'll have to deal with uncertainty in it's performance such as signal strength or interference.

However, you can still use both. Use wired to link several access points with base stations for wireless devices.

Re: Wired or Wireless Home Automation?

Nothing beats the speed of data transfer over the wire, however, I can't help but note the great usability of wireless devices. For example, I use the ajax wireless security system, since I have high-speed wifi installed and it supports the operation of many similar devices in the smart home ecosystem, of which my security system is a part. Although most of the time I use this with a 4g sim card. Either way, I think the wireless option is more convenient, but the wired one is faster. (Unless you have high-speed Wi-Fi)