Are all coffee grinders loud?

Waking up, stumbling to the kitchen half-asleep, and craving a cup of fresh-brewed coffee but knowing you'll wake your family if you start grinding coffee beans is one of most difficult things to face at 6am in the morning.

Coffee grinders are super loud, but fresh-ground coffee tastes amazing. What are you guys doing to try and cut down on the loud noise that they make? Do you even try not to wake your household when you make an early morning coffee?

Re: Are all coffee grinders loud?

I like the idea of a manual coffee grinder but I’ve never actually used one. I can’t imagine that it’s too hard to grind or that it takes too long to make one cup’s worth, it’s probably only really a pain if you want to fill up an entire coffee machine for 8+ cups of coffee.

I also wonder about pre-grinding coffee the night before and storing it in a little tupperware, I wonder if it would stay as aromatic. It would mean you don’t have to loudly grind coffee in the morning, and would mean you can make coffee easier when you’re groggy.

Re: Are all coffee grinders loud?

I noticed when I was grinding my coffee today that if I raise the grinder off the countertop and hold it when it's on, it's a lot quieter. I think the vibrations that carry through the countertop add quite a bit of noise.

It'll still wake someone if you run it while they're asleep, but it's actually a lot softer, and if there's a door or two that can be closed between the kitchen and the bedrooms, there's a fair chance you could grind coffee in the morning and not wake anyone.

Re: Are all coffee grinders loud?

Whether you use a manually or electric powered coffee grinder there'll be noise made. A manually-operated will make the least noise compared to the one that uses electricity. However, some grinders feature a gear reduction motor that grinds slower for reduced noise.

Also, placing it on the tables makes it louder. I don't know, but it seems like placing it on the floor is also an option

Re: Are all coffee grinders loud?

I also feel like it’s not that bad to grind your coffee beans the night before. It’s not like they need to be ground right before you drink your coffee for the best flavor. A lot of people drink coffee that was ground at the factory, and a lot of coffee stores offered to grind your beans for you when you’re purchasing.