Making cold brew in a pitcher?

Hey everyone,

I haven’t made cold brew before but my understanding is that “brewing a cold brew” is simply mixing water and ground coffee, letting the mixture rest overnight, and then straining the liquid.

Would it be possible for me to make my own cold brew without any special device? Can I simply do it in a picture, and then strain the liquid coffee in the morning?

I’m also curious if I need to keep the cold brew in the fridge while it’s brewing?

Re: Making cold brew in a pitcher?

Hey Matt,

You totally could make cold brew in a pitcher. Grind up some beans coarsely, measure them by volume, then add 4x the amount of water over the ground coffee and let it sit 12 - 24 hours at room temperature (not sure if there's any issue to leaving this in the fridge, but you don't need to refrigerate it.

12-24 hours later, strain the coffee (maybe you could even use a coffee filter), and it should be good to go! You'll want to dilute it 1:2 or 1:3 times, I typically drop some ice cubes into my mug and then pour the coffee over them to help dilute, in addition to adding some oat milk.

Enjoy and report back!