Hiding wires for my new TV

I recently purchased a 72" flat screen Roku TV that I had mounted. I love the TV, but I am having a hard time hiding all of the wires that are hanging from the TV. I tried wrapping them with velcro tape but that just bundles them together.

Does anyone know how to hide them so they don't just hang there? Thanks!

Re: Hiding wires for my new TV

You can get clever with minimizing the number of cables that hang down the TV. For example, if you have a Roku or Chromecast hooked-up to your TV, they'll need power. Rather than connecting the power from the outlet to the device, you can hook these up to the USB port on the back of most TVs, which will frequently provide enough power for the device.

Certainly, some cables are unavoidable. The best way to route these down the wall is to drill a hole into the drywall behind the TV and another one straight down the wall. You can install wall plates to make things look a bit prettier.

If you need to avoid drilling holes, the next-best solution is using a cable sleeve or cable wrap. These come in multiple colors and lengths, and can help tidy up the cables as much as possible.

Re: Hiding wires for my new TV

If you're taking the time to mount the TV, it makes sense to put in the extra bit of effort to route the cables through the wall so they're hidden. If you're already drilling holes into your wall and installing a VESA mount, what's a few more holes to get the cables routed in there too?

Drywall is super easy to patch when you're done installing everything,

Re: Hiding wires for my new TV

Well, if running them through the wall is not an option, you can use a raceway system to conceal the wires. Plastic raceways have an adhesive that allows you to stick them on the wall.

If you use a raceway, the cables will be completely hidden from view, but the channel mounted to the wall is visible. However, it's not an unpleasant view compared to hanging cables and you can paint the raceway the color of your choice.

Re: Hiding wires for my new TV

I spent some time thinking about this, and I actually feel like mounting a TV and letting wires visibly hang down is worse than purchasing a TV console and placing the TV on it with wires hidden. There are a lot of really beautiful TV consoles I've been seeing, and I think they're d be gorgeous and classy in a living room / family room.