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Hi all,

I moved to a new apartment and got Webpass internet installed for the first time. This building has Webpass fiber backhaul to it, even though Webpass is best known for their fiber point-to-point backhaul.

My review of the first week with Webpass has been phenomenal. I consistently hit 800Mbps+ upload and download when I'm wired, and the latency is <5ms on speed tests, <30ms when I'm gaming online. The IPv6 test passes with flying colors, and I haven't had a single issue.

However, this is all to be expected from Fiber. Where Webpass really shined was their installation....I was able to book a 20min time slot for installation (none of that "we'll be there between 1pm and 5pm"), and my installer texted me when he was 20min out. I had my installer come one day before my move-in date; the place was empty, and I still had my shoes on, but the moment he stepped through the door he took his shoes off. He had to go outside and come back in once, and he was quick to put the shoes on / off both times. This level of thoughtfulness really struck me, it's such an incredibly kind gesture that I would never expect from my previous experiences with Comcast.

The rest of the installation went superbly, it was quick and painless.

Happy to answer any questions you might have!
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Re: Webpass Internet Review

The fiber line comes right to the apartment; I'm not sure how exactly it becomes ethernet; there's nothing visible to me (it might take place in some utility closet), but as an end-user all I have is an ethernet jack that delivers internet, with no configuration required. You can definitely see the fiber line in the utility closet though, so it's great to see that they've wired it up so directly.
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Re: Webpass Internet Review

Wanted to provide a long-term update! I've been using Webpass for >3 months now, and haven't encountered a single issue. I've also referred two friends and therefore received two months' worth of bill credits! Neither of my friends had any issues with installation or thereafter.

Would highly recommend them as an ISP if you're lucky enough to live in a Webpass building.
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