Ideas for creating a small home office

I am looking for ideas about creating a home office. It's not specifically for me but for everyone out there considering creating a home office now or in the future. My home office is one of the extra bedrooms. What about in a scenario where there are no spare rooms? A little creativity can carve out a surprisingly stylish small home office that serves its purpose. So, let's share how you or someone you know created a home office.

Re: Ideas for creating a small home office

I think the most important part is creating a space where you can focus on your work, undistracted from everything else that happens at home. I think it's a mental thing, and any sort of physical items or design ultimately pushes you toward a mindset where you can disconnect from the other distractions at home.

Beyond that, I think ergonomics are the #1 consideration, since your health is always more important than the work you're doing. Your desk should be the right height, your chair should support you and be comfortable, you should have good posture throughout the day. Too many people hunch over a laptop, it might not cause you pain but it's damaging over time.
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Re: Ideas for creating a small home office

I agree that a lot of "home office" comes down to whatever it takes for you to mentally switch to "work mode" at home. For some people that'll be a separate room, for others it could be a new desk or office chair.

I also agree that ergonomics should be the #1 consideration. We only have one body in this life, and it's not worth screwing up your body if spending an extra few hundred could alleviate back pain or issues down the road.