Lighting that won't bug me in the eye

So my room is in dire need of change of lightning. It currently has a simple LED bulb which annoys me a lot. It constantly bugs me in the eye. It's hard to do anything there.

I've been looking for a replacement but I have no idea what to buy.

Can anyone recommend a bulb that won't make me go crazy?

Re: Lighting that won't bug me in the eye

Certain types of smart light bulbs adjust brightness depending on the time of the day. There are many things these bad boys can do for your room. Change colors, temperature, brightness, operate remotely, among others. You can even create schedules, and most of these bulbs are energy-efficient too. You'll enjoy all the customization options smart bulbs offer.

Re: Lighting that won't bug me in the eye

What is it about the current bulb that bothers you most? LED are among the best, since they won't flicker like some older bulbs.

My guess would be that there's nothing to diffuse the light between the bulb and your eye, that you have some sort of exposed light fixture. Sadly, this will bother you no matter what kind of bulb you get, even if it's a dim edison bulb. These work great for the outdoors or larger spaces, but the moment you get too close to them they're very bothersome.