Re: Best lawn mower under 500$?

There are plenty of choices to choose from. Apart from the price, features to look for are longevity, capability, and ease of use. The Honda HRN216VKA self-propelled lawn mower is a good choice.

It can easily fit in a garage or shed which makes it easy to store. Also, it has a mulching option available.

Re: Best lawn mower under 500$?

Per usual, I'll refer to The Wirecutter guide on lawnmowers - where the "budget pick" is the $400 Toro Recycler SmartStow. The name "SmartStrow" comes since this one can be stored upright, which saves a lot of space.

Alternatively - there's no reason not to purchase a used lawnmower, especially if the owner seems trustworthy and the machine seems reliable. A 5 year old lawnmower will cut grass just like a new one, as long as it has been well-kept.

Skip the fancy features like the "electric start", these can fail quickly and don't actually add that much convenience. Your money is best spent on a well-constructed mower that'll last you through many seasons.