Re: Printer stand ideas

You can always personalize and customize! Design it on your own and hire someone who could make it for you or you can just do it by yourself too. The perks of having it customized is that you get the sizes right, you can decorate/make it to your liking , and you'll save time looking for something that doesn't exit since you said you cant find one.

Re: Printer stand ideas

I'm clearly not as handy as y'all as "building one" didn't occur to me. My family uses a small extra desk to put the printer on (in the past we've used the top of a shorter/wider filing cabinet. I think overall, you just don't want the printer on the ground where it could be kicked/overheat/etc. Further, it's nice to have a spot to put extra printer paper, stapler/paper clips, etc.

I think any of the following would work well in a home office to get the printer out of the way and store it:

- This compact one with wheels
- This one with a bit nicer styling (no wheels)
- This one with more storage (no wheels)

I particularly like that all of these feature at least a shelf for storing extra printer paper.

Re: Printer stand ideas

If the printer is small enough, what about purchasing a wooden filing cabinet and placing the printer in the large drawer on the bottom? You could drill a hole out the back for the cables, and you'd get the convenience of having a printer right by your desk, but the beautify of having it completely hidden from view.

The only downside is it wouldn't be very ergonomic if you're doing a lot of printing and needing to bend down multiple times a day.