Keeping glass shower doors clean

Are there secrets to keeping glass shower doors clean from the water that sprays onto them? They get looking pretty cloudy after a while and I'm pretty sure that if they're not cleaned regularly there won't be a way to come back to the clean glass.

I've seen people use a squeegee to get the water off the glass after showering. It's easy enough to do, but how much does it actually help? I imagine it would reduce the hard water stains.

What kind of chemicals and sponges do you use clean the doors? Is there a "point of no return" where it gets too difficult to perfectly clean it?

Re: Keeping glass shower doors clean

If these are clear glass floors then I think squeegee and semi-regular windex would be sufficient. This was the practice we performed when I lived in a house with glass shower doors for a couple years, and never had any issues.

If your house has particularly hard (in terms of mineral conent) water or soap scum is your main problem, I'd try a product like this. But I'd try products you already have prior to getting something specific.

Re: Keeping glass shower doors clean

My shower's glass is smooth and 100% transparent, it's not textured at all. The issue I run into is that Windex can hardly remove the hard water marks, the Windex alone hardly does anything. Maybe if it's used frequently it'll keep the glass nice and clean, but after months of hard water buildup, I think I may need to find something a bit stronger to clean this off.

Thankfully glass is glass and I'm not scared of being too harsh with it, perhaps some vinegar could work.

Re: Keeping glass shower doors clean

I’ve actually never had to clean a glass shower door but if they’re anything like stove tops, it’s a lot easier to keep them clean than to get them clean after they’ve been thoroughly stained.

I wipe down my stove top right after I cook every time that oil sprays on it, and my stove stays nice and clean. But I have friends who don’t wipe it down very often, and there’s would be such a pain to deep clean.