How to deal with toilet bowl stains

A stained toilet bowl always looks disgusting even if the bowl is clean. To make matters worse, it makes it seem like the whole house isn't clean too. Also, the toilet bowl stains can be incredibly stubborn. When that happens, you can't just replace the bowl. The mission would be to get rid of the stain. What are some of your tips or tricks you'd like to share on how to deal with this menace?

Re: How to deal with toilet bowl stains

Hey! Toilet Bowl statins can sometimes be the biggest nuisance. The best way to deal with them is an Acid Based Disinfectant. I personally recommend Harpic, but you find one that's available in your area. These products can remove the toughest of the stains. You just need to spray it and then use a toilet brush on the stains. Then after some time wash it with water and it'll be clean.

Re: How to deal with toilet bowl stains

I purchase these Clorox toilet bowl cleaning tablets, you can drop one into the toilet's tank and it'll last about two months. It gradually releases into the water while it sits in the tank, and keeps the toilet bowl clean with every flush. It's especially nice if your toilet bowl is prone to develop discoloration at the water line.

Things to note:

* This does a great job of keeping the toilet bowl clean, but if it's already dirty, you'll want to use toilet cleaner with a brush for a deep cleaning first
* You shouldn't use these with toilets which aren't flushed daily (eg, don't use it for the guest bathroom that doesn't get much use)
* Some people claim that these can corrode bolts inside your toilet tank. I haven't done much research on this, and I don't know if it has merit or if the corrosion people are seeing is due to old toilets / other causes / incorrect use
* Your restroom will have a faint smell of bleach - this is the cost of convenience with these
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