Air purifier in bedroom to prevent stuffy nose

I wake up with a stuffy nose almost every morning, and not only is it really annoying to wake up like this, but I also feel like it’s impacting my sleep since I’m obviously not able to breathe the best overnight.

I’m thinking that an air purifier could help, especially if I find one that can work fairly silently throughout the night. Before I commit to investing in an air purifier for my bedroom I want to hear from others who have tried it to see if it helps or if I’ll be throwing money at the wind.

Tell me what you think and what else I should be considering.

Re: Air purifier in bedroom to prevent stuffy nose

It could be dust or pollen in the air, but it could also be dry air. Where do you live, and what's the humidity typically?

When the air is dry, our nostrils produce additional mucus to compensate for the dry air entering our lungs. When you're lying down to sleep, the mucus can't flow correctly, and can stuff you up. Sleeping with a humidifier in the room can help in the drier climates.

Re: Air purifier in bedroom to prevent stuffy nose

I have a Dyson air purifier in my bedroom. Based on the reviews I’ve seen online, it’d not by any means a very efficient or cost-effective purifier, but it does move some air through its HEPA filter, and I love how silent it runs.

I opened it up to take a look at the filter after a year of use, and there was unsurprisingly dust buildup on the filter. I definitely appreciate having the purifier in my room, knowing that I’m not inhaling all these particles it captured. As an added bonus, all this dust isn’t landing on my furniture either!