Best sofa beds

I'm thinking of buying a really nice sofa bed. I mean a couch that looks just like an ordinary couch but it can be unfolded and turned into a bed. I think it would be really cool to have one since it can serve two purposes. And which one is better? Spring sofa mattress or foam sofa mattress.

Re: Best sofa beds

It highly depends on what your purpose is, a spring sofa matress lasts longer then a foam sofa one and is more durable than the foam one.

A foam sofa on the other hand is way more comfortable than a spring one but it's less durable than the spring sofa.

I personally have a spring sofa matress as I don't spend that much time on it.

Re: Best sofa beds

Since you've mention dual purpose, I believe you'd be spending a lot of time in it. A foam sofa is definently softer and more comfortable to stay in. However, spring sofa are more sturdier and can hold its shape after a long time. You have to balance between comfort and durability so I think it all goes down with the brand. Find something that's in between giving you the best comfort and serving you for a long time.