I want to redecorate my living room.

I am looking for a few affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen up my living room. It's not in bad condition; I just feel an urge to change the way it looks. I'm not looking for high-end ideas since I don't want to spend much. Not all home decorating ideas need a huge investment of time and money. So, some DIY ideas will be helpful too. I am a hands-on kind of person.

Re: I want to redecorate my living room.

Here's what I think your should you do:
You can repaint the walls with a new color, it'll bring a fresh new look. You can even do it yourself, it'll be a fun experience. This is probably the most efficient way.

Another thing I've done is that I've hanged 4 music albums from my favourite artists on the wall. It gives me a "MY living room" feeling and looks cool as hell. You can even hang art from artists you like and posters from your favourite videogames.

Alongside this I also have a book shelf in my Living room, they have a simple design. I've put 4 albums from an artist in the first rack, Videogames and movie DVDs in the second one and books in the last two. All of them are arranged by color so they look awesome.

Re: I want to redecorate my living room.

We recently realized that our couch was blocking some light from the living room and dining area due too the way it was placed; it was up against the living room windows, and it blocked at least 1/5 of the light coming in. Its been this way for years and nobody had given it a second thought since we get a lot of natural light for the most part.

We spent the better half of the afternoon trying new arrangements of the living room furniture until we found one we liked that didn't block the windows at all. We're now getting more natural light and love the arrangement even more.

One of my lessons learned was that it's difficult to visualize how exactly things will look, so it's important to keep an open mind and be okay rearranging until you find something you like. Change can be difficult too, so things won't feel "normal" for a few days after a big reshuffle.
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Re: I want to redecorate my living room.

You could always try the minimalist theme. It's classy, simple, and not hard to maintain. You can start by having the walls painted with light colors and leaving one wall as an accent wall by using wallpapers in it. You can get high quality cheap wallpapers, less work than painting too! After that you can put some fur carpets (synthetic ones) and have accent throw pillows. Throw pillows really change the living room vibe.