Off-centered lamps on side tables

Do you guys think it looks ugly to have lamps on side tables be off-centered like this? I need an objective third-party opinion on this. I like them off-centered because it leaves more usable space on the table (you can set your tea on it, you can set your iPad on it when you're FaceTiming, you can set other things on it). If you saw this placement when you walked into a home and nothing else was on the glass table, would it stand out as odd to you?

Re: Off-centered lamps on side tables

I actually ended up removing the lamp from the coffee table, there was no reason to have a lamp on these, and there's so much more usable space without it. The space feels more open and it also removes one cable that I'd have to otherwise hide.

Now to make sure that the tabletop doesn't get cluttered with stuff that gets left there...