Re: Fire extinguisher for home use

It would depend on size. Looking at Amazon it looks like the prices range from a bit under 20 to over 60 depending on size/quantity (and this is inline with what I've seen at places like Costco). Some fire extinguishers are also "refillable" while others are not.

In terms of expiry - I've seen places say you should replace a fire extinguisher after 10 -15 years if it goes unused.

I would recommend putting a fire extinguisher in your kitchen (in case of accidents) and then depending on the size of your home, maybe 1 or 2 more in places like a garage (if applicable) or backyard (if you grill) as needed.

Re: Fire extinguisher for home use

I don't know anything about fire extinguishers but it's probably a good idea to pay attention to reviews like this when buying something this serious. A fire extinguisher isn't something that I'd cheap out on.

For the kitchen, I've also heard that baking soda can act as an effective fire extinguisher for grease fires, since it releases CO2 when it burns, thus suffocating the fire. It'd be a lot easier to clean up as well, so it might be worth keeping a tupperware container of that for small fires.