Shoe cabinet

I'm thinking of getting some lightweight, plastic shelves to store my shoes. As I live in a humid area, I don't think having wooden shelves would last long. Most are my footwear are sneakers, full covered shoes. I also have a couple of slippers, boots, heels, and pumps. I'm also looking for a small drawer-like compartment to store socks.

I'm also looking to get a fingerprint lock for security as this cabinet will be outside of my apartment.

Re: Shoe cabinet

It's a great idea! Using plastic shelves are cheap and they are durable. There are also minimalistic plastic box/drawer that you can stack to save space. However, if you have many pairs, I dont think the plastic will be strong enough, you might consider getting a lightweight metal shelf.

Re: Shoe cabinet

A plastic cabinet fits perfectly with your need. However, you won't have many choices when it comes to designs. In terms of price, plastic cabinets can be very pocket friendly.

As for security outside your apartment, plastic material is not one of the best ideas. A metal cabinet is more secure.