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Ceiling decoration ideas?

So the ceiling in my living room looks kind of bland and I've been looking to decorate it to improve the overall look of it but I have no idea where to even start.

What are the different ways to decorate a ceiling?

Which is most efficient?

Re: Gas or Electric Stove?

The thing with electric stoves is that they take a lot of time to cool off, the heat spread can also be uneven. I personally prefer gas stoves as they're more efficient in my opinion but they're considered pretty unsafe compared to electric stoves.

Re: How do you organize your desk?

I keep my monitors front and center, and try to keep things pretty simple around the desk. The cleanliness helps keep me calm and focused. A lot of people use headphones to listen to music while working, but they're a distraction for me, so I'll play some light music through a speaker. I like bigge...

Best Material for Kitchen Sink?

So I'm currently in the process of remodeling my kitchen. For this, I'm looking to replace my sink but when I looked into it, I got confused. Can someone please explain all the different types of material for kitchen sink? What are the pros and cons of each of them? I'm currently thinking about inst...

Wireless charger worth it?

I've been thinking about buying a wireless charger for my phone but I seem to be having mixed feelings about it. I don't want to buy it and never use it again. If anyone has experience with it, Should I buy it? Will it be worth it?

Re: Bed position

It's a matter of preference, I have placed mine in a corner as it gives me more space for my furniture. However, a bed in the center of the room does improve the overall symmetry of the room. It all comes down to the person.

Re: Carpet for my living room

Hey! The average lifespan of a carpet is around 3-5 years depending upon the carpet however with extra care, you can add some more years. While shopping for one, check it's durability by pressing your thumb softly into the carpet, the faster it takes to recover; the more durable it is. Don't buy if ...

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